We currently offer three different dock piling protection products that are ideal for the repair and installation of long-lasting dock pilings. Our high-quality EcoPile, Durosleeve, SnapJacket products are made of PVC and offer unparalleled results when compared with competing products. PVC dock piling protection products outlast the other common piling protection and piling repair products.

Why Choose Shoreline Plastics’ Products?

The lumber used for piles is treated with Creosote, a preservative that used to last up to 50 years. The EPA has banned creosote and switched over to a less abrasive CCA treatment. As the EPA cuts back every few years on how much treatment can be used (currently 2.5 lb/ft^3) marine pilings used in new construction simply don’t last as long as they used to. With modern chemical preservatives, it is unlikely that a new piling will last more than 15 years. Over time, the pile will become susceptible to the ravages of marine life that feed on or bore into wooden dock pilings once chinks in the protective armor begin to form.

This is why additional methods of pile corrosion protection are often suggested, such as dock piling wraps. This thin plastic wrap theoretically creates an airtight seal, which keeps water and marine life from ever making direct contact with the pile. However, the way that the plastic wrap is affixed is problematic because it’s nailed to the dock piling. This introduces a point of later vulnerability that will surely be exploited as marine life builds on the piles and the plastic slowly rips. If the job is done well, this point of vulnerability is mitigated but only for a while—it is only a matter of time before those rips in the wrap begin to form.

Our dock piling protection products don’t have these vulnerabilities. Water and marine life just can’t break through our PVC coverings. We offer three PVC prodcts: the SnapJacket for piling repair of previously installed, failing dock piles, The EcoPile to completely replace wood piling in new construction, and the Durosleeve for sealing treated wood piles prior to their installation. Investing in these options saves you money in the long term, since they’re significantly cheaper than entirely replacing your dock piles. Learn more about our piling repair and protection options and contact us today if you have any questions!