Shrink Tubing on a massive scale


Shrink tubing on a massive scale

The industry standard to protect new marine piles is to wrap them with a thin black plastic wrap and nail it on. In theory, this would cut off the flow of water into the pole, which would keep all marine organisms from ever having a chance to attack the timber. If done properly, this black wrap can buy you a few extra years. The issue is, it is rarely done right and even when it is, it still has weak points. Over the years, marine growth begins to build up. When barnacles begin to grow under the seam of the overlapping wrap, or by the nail holes, the thin plastic rips and separates from the pile.  Once that occurs water is able to flow freely to the piling, leaving it vulnerable to environmental attack. The only way to ensure your piling is protected is to be sure there is no weak point that could fail.

In order to achieve this, the coating on the pile would have to be completely seamless. The Durosleeve is a dock piling sleeve made of PVC that works the same as shrink tubing for electrical components. After the PVC pile sleeve is slid onto a timber pile, it is then heat-treated and shrunk onto the wooden pile. The shrinking process provides an air tight seal that is totally seamless. Not only is the barrier created by this dock piling sleeve seamless, but it is also significantly thicker than the competition, ensuring your piling is protected from the harsh marine environment. Year in and year out the preservatives that make the wood last longer will be held tightly inside the wood, ensuring that the timber stays fresh. This is how we are able to provide a 25-year warranty, something none of the competition is able to offer. 

This photo shows a classic case of the thin black wrap failing, which then allowed water to reach the pile.
It is rare that a new piling will last you more than a decade with current chemical treatment restrictions.
The Durosleeve shrinks air tight and fits snuggly into every curve and crevice of the lumber
Durlosleeve wrapped piles can still be drilled through and bolted into normally. No special tools are needed